Age Range: 40-50
Height: 174cm
Languages: English
Accents: Australian

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Trish has appeared in a variety of feature and short films of different genres and has portrayed many different character types. She shined as the mild school teacher who becomes unhinged in her most recent feature film role of Pam in the WA made, Bassendream. Through her characterisation of the lovable rogue Mrs Clarke in the feature film Raven’s Cabin to the menacing thug Shirl in the feature film Wild Justice, Trish has proven her ability to both frighten and endear herself to a screen audience. Her recent strong performance of Juror # 7 in Twelve Angry Jurors was very much appreciated by audiences, and won her some new admirers amongst theatre goers. Trish has trained at Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting, Perth Actor’s Centre and participated in workshops with visiting actors Chum Ehelopola and Malcolm Kennard. Trish was born and resides in Perth WA. Before returning to acting she worked in admin and accounting roles. She has a passion for learning and has been an active human and animal rights
campaigner. She has also volunteered her time to work with and support incarcerated recovering drug addicts in prisons and detention centres in Western Australia.

“Trish was great to have on set, very attentive to detail and direction. She gave a strong and subtle performance which I greatly appreciate. Her flexibility to our shooting style and authenticity in front of the camera are what really stood out for me” – John McGovarin