Hallie Mckeig – Theatrical Agent 

Hallie has helmed Filmbites for over 15 years and launched the careers of some of Australia’s most up and coming actors. 

With a deep love of story and character, Hallie believes her job is two fold. One to provide the best support for the artist as they develop and create a career in this industry and two, to help productions find their characters.

When looking for actors to represent, Hallie is looking for heart and truthfulness. People who have a genuine love of story and are bold enough to be vulnerable in telling that story. When an actor can find a connection with the character and be truthful to their circumstance, magic is created.

Hallie continues to be an active member of the screen industry and is currently on the board of WIFT, Women in Film and Television as well as a senior manager at Creative Soul Management.

Hallie is currently not taking on any new clients.


Valerie Dragojevic – Theatrical and Commercial Agent

Valerie has been a performer from a young age and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Drama Studies from Murdoch University. Her experience as an actor and behind the scenes has created a deep affinity for the craft and she loves to work with actors to realise their potential.

Valerie also has over 14 years experience in the Financial Services industry and loves to combine this knowledge to support our actors in their creative careers. 

Shanta Surendran – Youth Talent Coordinator

Shanta has worked with screen actors for over 15 years as an acting coach, course trainer, and course creator. Shanta has genuine interest in and enthusiasm for each actor’s journey, growth and experience. Her aim is to support actors towards long-term and beneficial outcomes – both personal and professional.

Shanta offers guidance in casting understanding and readiness, audition preparation and ongoing development. Shanta is committed to imparting genuine respect, love for and joy in stories and the craft of acting as the foundation for an enjoyable and positive experience within the industry. She is a strong advocate for including personal awareness in acting development and audition processes to empower the actor through the often difficult and uncertain world of casting.

In addition to working with youth talent in casting Shanta is also an experienced screen acting coach working with youth and adults. She is the head coach at Filmbites Screen Academy as well as senior screen trainer at Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting and works as screen acting instructor at WAAPA summer school. 

Shanta also works often as an acting coach and reader for national and international casting as well as a regular reader for Jane Norris Casting. These opportunities have been an avenue for Shanta to continue building understanding and experience to benefit students.

Cat Jones – Casting Assistant & Youth Talent Coordinator

Cat first began training with LAMDA when she was young and quickly fell in love with the craft. Filmbites Alumni, Cat knows the importance of a supportive community in the industry, and aims to bring this into her work with Filmbites students and actors alike.

Following her training at WAAPA in 2019, Cat enrolled in a Bachelor of Screen Arts at the University of Notre Dame. She continues to study both theatre and filmmaking; allowing her to bring a well-rounded and informed approach to her work with our actors. 

Cat works as a Youth Talent Coordinator alongside Shanta to ensure our actors are well prepared and confident in the industry. While also assisting Hallie and Valerie to support our actor’s in the world of casting.