Age Range: 47-57
Height: 182cm
Languages: English
Accents: British

Sharon Heywood – CNA
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Sharon Heywood is a British-Irish actress who now resides in Australia and loves every minute of the lifestyle. She trained in stage and screen back in the UK, and achieved much creative success enabling her to build a strong resume in theatre and film. With her original roots in character stand-up and sketch comedy, Sharon has also gained much experience in authoritative screen roles in her later years, this combining her strength in scripted parts with her love of improvised pieces. Over the years Sharon has also written and produced many stage and screen projects and worked with many creatives in the field of comedy. Her most recent performances include several web series shot in Melbourne and a period piece for the Sovereign Hill Gold film in Ballarat.

Sharon was a pleasure to work with and very much enjoyed her character performance. Took direction well and it’s always nice to work with pro-active talent who take responsibility for their work. She adopted the role well as as a ‘posh’ upper class 1850’s migrant it came naturally to her.” – Justin Weyers, Accolade Productions.