Age Range: 16-24
Height: 163cm
Accents: Australian, Standard American, UK (General)

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Bio: Kelsie is a bubbly and enthusiastic actor, she attended John Curtin College of the Arts in the Gifted and Talented program for Music Theatre, whilst still at school she was cast as Sarah in the Feature Film “The Reckoning” opposite Jonathon LaPaglia. Kelsie has been short listed for Features Films and TV series such as, Jasper Jones, Breath, Home & Away and Hunters. Her ability to harness and adapt the realism of emotions is one of her strengths for such a young actor. She is very passionate and 100% dedicated with her acting she listens and takes direction well.

“I found her creative versatility and professionalism to be outstanding and she was a pleasure to work with throughout.” – James Pentecost, Toxic Obsession

“Her diction and vocal ability is excellent and her immediate understanding of the story line was very pleasing. Kelsie has a bright bubbly, outgoing personality which will hold her in good stead in her pursuit of an acting career in the future.” – Neroli Burton