Age Range: 16-19
Nationality: Australian
Height: 180cm

Accents: Australia, Standard American

Recently cast:
Decadent and the Depraved (FF) Dir: Jordan Prince-Wright

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Biog: Jacob Brown is an engaging, bright, enthusiastic and determined young actor.  In all aspects of his life he brings dedication, a maturity beyond his years, focus and his own style of humour. Jacob began acting in 2010 on stage and has since had several lead roles in a number of short films including Strange Clouds (2011), Rain (2013) and the feature Paper Planes (2014) and The Pineville Heist (2016).  His first television role was in award winning Yagan (2012), with a supporting role as James Keates, and was described as having an engaging screen presence by the Director. With his determination and hard work, Jacob has consistently worked in film since his first foray into acting. His goal of attending John Curtin College of the Arts (Perth) was fulfilled when he was accepted into the Gifted and Talented Drama Program, which he commenced in 2013.  As a testament to his character, and despite his often hectic schedule, he continues to excel academically.  Jacob’s career is gaining momentum and he has already attracted the interest of casting directors and managers both in the Eastern States and Los Angeles.


We found to our benefit that Jacob Brown is mature and diligent and a pleasure to work with.  On-screen, his performance is strong and convincing and he has an engaging screen presence.  We’d recommend Jacob as a promising young actor.Kelrick Martin/Spear Point Productions, Director of YAGAN Documentary, 2012.

“I had the pleasure of working with Jacob brown on my short film Rain. Jacob approached my film with a sense of maturity and creativity that exceeded my expectations.  Jacob’s motivation and family support enables him to excel in any role that he takes on. Jacob does not take his acting career lightly and made an honest contribution to his chosen character.” Damian Hoskin, Director of RAIN, 2013 

“Jacob is a wonderful actor, who really portrays the character which is envisioned to a great extent. Through his strong determination and playful nature, he was able to successfully bring the character of Christopher to life!”  Yasteel Madanjit, Director of DAZE OF INNOCENCE, 2013. 

Jacob Brown was an absolute dream to work with. Passionate and talented, he worked with us for three weeks … he performed brilliantly, thrilling his director and impressing the judges the film was made for.  From the auditions, Jacob showed his commitment to acting. It is a rare thing for such a young actor to be so willing and enthusiastic about fulfilling his role completely…there was nothing but positives. Jacob was always on time, came prepared to every shoot (uniform, lines, movement), and took direction brilliantly, all the while using his initiative throughout.  I could not imagine this film with any other lead actor and am looking for the next project to work with him again.  Jacob, thank you so much. You were the vital piece in this film, and you didn’t disappoint at all. Taylor Bates, Director of PHOTO DAY, 2012. 

Jacob Brown was employed on my short film ‘Strange Clouds’ in the capacity of lead actor.  I found him an excellent collaborator; with a great openness to direction, a firm idea of his role, confidence in his lines and strong ability to express the inner state of his character on screen. From the moment he was cast, through rehearsals and finally on set, Jacob was attentive, professional, positive and was a pleasure to work with. I happily recommend him for employment on any future dramatic work in the capacity of an actor. Timothy John Sharp, Director of STRANGE CLOUDS, 2011.

Jacob Brown showed a high level of competence even during the rehearsal process, having memorized the entire script and was eager to perform.  He took to direction well, even under circumstances that you wouldn’t expect from a child his age. He was a pleasure to have around and as soon as the camera is rolling, his focus on remaining in character is impeccable. It is evident that he has a bright future ahead of him in professional acting, and I am proud to have helped him along the journey.  Ruben Pracas, Director of THE OFFERTORY, 2011.


Jacob Brown Showreel 2016 from Filmbites on Vimeo.