Age Range: 10-13
Height: 155cm
Languages: English


Felix is a confident boy who is athletic, strong and a willing learner. He has a great sense of fun and a wicked sense of humour. He has a passion for performing – winning a school-wide talent contest with an Umbilical Brothers-inspired mime and dance number he developed. He plays cornet and guitar, is a member of the Trinity College primary school dance group and performed a solo dance act at this years’ (2019) dance showcase , as well as a member of the Trinity College primary school choir.  He has an inclusive nature that sees him excel at team sports as well as individual pursuits. Felix enjoys acting, is patient and mature, takes  direction well and is eager to please. Felix has worked on commercials for Scitech, the Road Safety Commission, McDonalds and for AstroTurf (in Germany ). Felix was an extra in the ABC miniseries ‘The war that changed us’ and most recently played the part of Jaxon, the bogan in the SBS on demand miniseries called Molly & Cara, due to screen on 14 September 2019. 


“I was working on a recent tvc shoot for the Road Safety Commission and had the opportunity to observe Felix on set. Not only was he genuinely enthusiastic at being a part of the production but got along very well with other background artists. He was also very focused when being directed and gave a consistent and believable performances each time the camera rolled. In essence, Felix conducted himself as a true professional. I believe if he continues to apply himself in this manner and really enjoy every time an opportunity arises to be on set, Felix could find those opportunities coming his way more often!” – John Fairhead