Age Range: 40-50
Nationality: Australia
Passports: Australian/ British

Height: 160cm

Natural accent: British
: British, Australian, American, Irish, Scottish
Languages: French, Italian

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Chloe King – Showcast
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Chloe King – Voice Demo 2015 

Biog:  Chloe was the lead role in the award winning film Restare Uniti (Stick Together), which screened in Cannes, Montreal, New Jersey, Washington, Africa, Norway, Denmark, Australia and Antarctica to critical acclaim.

Chloe’s experience in the arts spans film, theatre, music theatre, cabaret, TV, radio and writing, as well as teaching singing and drama and directing Perth Playback Theatre Co. Her strong comedic skills has seen her cast regularly in up and coming online comedy series.

A confident and adept improvisational actor, Chloe is the Director of Perth Playback Theatre Company. She trained with Bristol Playback Theatre in the UK, and has been an actor, musician and MC with Perth Playback since 2007, creating live, improvised theatre dedicated to the telling and enactment of personal stories from the audience.

Chloe’s vocal versatility is witnessed in her live and recording projects: you name it she sings it! Jazz, blues, music theatre, cabaret, pop and dance vocals, children’s TV characters, touring with the acclaimed UK a cappella group Naked Voices or backing vocals for Australian legend Clive James’ lyrical poetic songs.

She is a regular at Fringe world appearing in theatre, musical theatre and cabaret performances.

“Thanks again for being part of Zac and Me. You brought a warmth and depth to a role that could have easily been a cardboard cutout in the wrong hands. Plus, you were hilarious! When we get more episodes happening I hope that you can come back and reprise the role as we definitely want to see her (you) again!”  – Paul Komadina, Director, Zac and Me (Online Series: Screenwest 3 to 1)

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“Chloe King’s commitment to acting is second to none, and she was a wonderful person to have on set and a great asset to the film. Her dedication to the role of Rachel was evident in the work she did off camera and between takes to get in the mindset of the character.” Tim Green, Director, Safe Haven (SF: Murdoch University)

Chloe showreel 2012 (1) from Filmbites on Vimeo.