Age Range: 14-16
Height: 160cm

Accents: Australian, Standard American, British

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Recently cast:
Sol Bunker (SF-Elevate) D: Nathan Mewett

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Biog: Robert Connolly has already cast Alex in two of his films and its’ no wonder why; Alex is a fantastic actor that brings an honesty and depth to all his performances.

Alex is hard working, fun and versatile. He was most recently cast in the Taylor Media pilot Post Wives Club.


‘Alex has a natural presence in front of the camera that is hard to describe. He seems to be able to work and connect to the camera in an amazing way. Alex is also able to take direction well. He is excellent at taking his time with his performance and this allows for his acting to come across as more natural. I would be happy to work with him again and would highly recommend him to other filmmakers.’ Jade Chamberlain: Director (Murdoch University)

Alex is a very talented actor who brings a lot to character and performance at such a young age. Its not very often a young actor has a good understanding of a mature complex subject matter such as that reflected in his performance. He is a pleasure to have on set and is very talented. Alex is easy to work with but more importantly he can take direction well and explores beyond what he is given.
Juliana and Juliet Mango: Director (Short Film) Fragile

Alex Bryans 2014 Showreel from Filmbites on Vimeo.