william freeman (2)

Age Range: 20-28
Height: 187cm
Accents: American Standard, Australian, Brooklyn, Cockney, English, Greek, Japanese, New Zealand, Scottish, Southern, West Coast American, Western, Irish.

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Freeman is an accomplished and edgy young Aussie actor, known for his strong work ethic and ability to immerse himself into challenging roles. Freeman always knew he wanted to act, and has been working professionally since 2009. In his brief career, he has gained much experience in both film and theatre.

Freeman has a wide and diverse body of theatrical work, having featured in classical, contemporary and avant-garde productions. He has performed in plays by Henrik Ibsen and Philip Ridley and features regularly in the Melbourne Fringe and Midsumma Festivals. He has worked with noted Australian directors, including Peter King, Noel Anderson and Robert Chuter.

Freeman has earned critical praise for his performances. Erin Lancaster of The Union “… found [Freeman’s] characterisation of the slimy thief Lazzaro and failed sci-fi writer Kilgore Trout a highlight and especially rich in comedic timing…” in the stage adaptation of ‘Slaughterhouse 5’. Michael Brindley of Stage Whispers wrote “… that the second act in Ridley’s ‘Fastest Clock’ was a lot more fun mainly due to more of Mr Freeman…’

Freeman has an immense passion for film and has collaborated with young filmmaker Lewis Attey on a number of short films. In 2013, he played the eponymous lead in the award-winning short ‘Basil’. The following year, Freeman also appeared in Attey’s next short ‘Rhododendron’. The film was an official selection for Melbourne International Film Festival and appeared in other festivals internationally.

Freeman has studied Meisner and Chubbick under Justin Lehman and Lyndelle Green at 16th Street Actors Studio.

William Freeman Showreel 2016 from Filmbites on Vimeo.