Age Range: 12-14
Accents: Australian, Standard American

Phoebe Barnett Showcast

Bio: Phoebe has been acting, singing and dancing since the age of 4 when she first appeared in a TV documentary for the BBC.  Since then Phoebe has done many national TVCs both in the UK and Australia, short film work and most recently toured with Cameron MacKintosh’s production of Les Miserables as Little Cosette. 

She is passionate about the arts and works extremely hard on her skills.  She currently trains at TAFTA (The Australian Film & Television Academy) and Brent Street in Sydney. She also has a permanent dialect coach and can speak with an American, English and Australian accent.


Melissa Skoff –Casting Director/Producer/Acting Coach:I had the pleasure of meeting and working with the amazing Phoebe Barnett while she was in Los Angeles for an entirely too-brief stay.  I’m a Casting Director with over 150 film and television credits currently to my name as well as being a well established Acting Coach, and former Warner Bros. and Fox Broadcasting Talent Executive. Phoebe worked in both my Adult and Teen Classes.   She worked with the Teens amazingly well, and then floored the Adults in my Monday night class.  Her focus, dedication, and desire to learn is something I see in actors much older than her young years.  She takes direction extremely well and her sparkling personality lights up the room. I predict a great future for young Phoebe and I look forward to the next time we work together!

Camille Mana: Actress, Producer, Coach: Phoebe Barnett is one of the most impressive actresses of her age group that I have encountered. I wince at hyperbolic jargon, but I truly do believe she has “star quality”. Her freedom, fierceness, and bold commitment to brave choices in very physical roles (dance, singing, broad comedy) is exciting to witness in such a young performer. Her ability to take direction in grounded, subtle work is also strong. For an actress at age 11, who has lived in 3 different countries with disparate dialects, to work at the level of comfort she currently possesses with her American dialect is also quite impressive. Phoebe is a bright light, and unlike many child actors- she occurs authentically in a room, still a kid. Or rather… A highly adept, impeccably trained, and extremely talented kid.” 

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