Age Range:25-35
Height: 162cm
Accents: Australian; British

Natalie Kirwan – Monologue – see below

Bio:  Natalie is a fun and curious actor, always looking for what she can learn from her experiences. Although theatre is where she started, Natalie has really fallen in love with film. She has been in a few student films and has done some background work on TVCs. Her favourite role to date was in ‘Allie’ where she played a mentally unstable woman who had a strange love for taxidermy.

Natalie has a great passion for the craft and thoroughly enjoys breaking down her walls and pushing her boundaries. Natalie really loves to explore her characters to find a connection with them and see what makes them tick.

Natalie has had the privilege to train under Fern Nicholson and has also had vocal training with James Hagen. Natalie is excited about her future as an acting artist and has no hesitation in saying that she has what it takes. To sum her up in a sentence, Natalie loves love and loves life.  

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