Age Range: 13-16
Height: 167cm

Accents: Standard American

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Lily Boisvert- Showcast
Lily Boisvert- Showreel

Shortlisted NETFLIX A Series of Unfortunate Events

2016 – Outstanding Achievement in Screen Acting WINNER – The Secret
2016 – Media Super Award for Commitment and Achievement WINNER

 Biog: Lily attends weekly classes at Filmbites and acting workshops every school holidays. Lily has worked hard at developing her skills over this last year and was chosen to play a lead role in two short films “One Day At A Time” and “Baby”. She received great feedback from both films, which can be read in her testimonials. Lily can connect to the characters she plays really well. She is enthusiastic, dedicated, always prepared and capable of learning lines in a short period of time. She loves to read, plays a variety of sports and through commitment and dedication has a green belt in Karate!


“In my experience working as director, its rare to come across a talented child actor who has a mature understanding of complex subject matters and is able to capture genuine and powerful emotion effortlessly, Lily is exactly that. She is a brilliant young actress with a natural, raw talent for the screen and most importantly she is committed. Very easy to work with, mature and such a joy to have on set. Lily is able to connect with character really well and easily which is what I always look for when casting for parts. As a director you dream of talent such as this! I know Lily will advance in her career and I look forward to working with her again”-  Juliet Mango – “One Day At A Time”

I have recently worked with Lily in “Baby”, a short film produced by Edith Cowan University students. Lily played the role of Chloe, a shy and confused 8-year-old girl, who is coming to terms with her mother’s drug addiction. The role of Chloe required emotional depth and commitment to the character. Lily completely exceeded our expectations. She showed great understanding of the character and she performed with emotional conviction, which made the story believable. Lily was always prepared, she knew all her lines and she was consistent in the delivery of her dialogue. Lily impressed us with her knowledge about film making. She understood the concept of continuity and she made us aware when something felt unnatural. We feel very lucky for having had Lily as part of our team. She was very committed, she was patient, she never complained and she always delivered great performances.  Flavia Torres – “Baby”