Age range: 21-27
Nationality: Australian
Height: 164cm

Accents: Australian, Standard American

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Holly Dodd moved to Melbourne in 2017 following her Bachelors degree in Performance Studies in Perth, WA. Since relocating to Melbourne Holly has been involved in Melbourne’s Fringe Festival, short films, TVCs and comedy improvisation. Holly successfully auditioned and is now part of The Tickle Pitt’s comedy improv ensemble who train every
Sunday and works privately with Chum Ehelepola weekly (SAC) over skype whilst he’s based in LA working on set. Holly is a charming and spunky young actress who is continually working on her craft through character exploration and improvisation.
Holly regularly trains with her American accent/voice coach to keep on top of her accent and to continue working on her voice. She believes in keeping every role fresh and that research and rehearsing are vital in playing different people. Holly is a strong, energetic and determined actor who will put her absolute all into every character that she takes on.
Holly is as delightful as her name. She has a tremendous vocal quality and responds to direction exceptionally well. Her enthusiasm, energy and positivity are among her greatest assets as a performer and I thoroughly recommend her for any future projects and look forward to working with her again.” – Justin P Bechtold – ‘Yowie’ Writer, Director, Producer. 

“Dodd and Joy understand the delicacy and nuance of Perich’s writing perfectly, and their relationship is as completely believable as it is complex. One of the things I absolutely adored about their performances was their ability to avoid falling into the almost universal trap of playing their child selves as caricatures. Neither of them overplayed at any point. They aged down but they did not dumb down or fall into stereotypes or parodies.” – Samsara- What Did She Think Reviews

Holly Dodd Reel from Filmbites on Vimeo.