Age Range: 20-30
Height: 175cm
Accents: Australian, American, South African, British


Claudia was born in Perth, Western Australia and has been training as an actor from the age of 15. Her curiosity about human behavior, love for storytelling and active imagination are at the root of her passion for acting which she has capitalised on and
exercised over the last several years to continually improve and refine her craft. After completing drama throughout high school, Claudia, in between her undergraduate degree
at UWA studying Literature, continued to complete workshops across various acting institutions, primarily studying at Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting under Fern
Nicholson since 2016. Upon the completion of her undergraduate, using her studies as a resource for her craft, Claudia is pursuing acting full time, completing NIDA’s Advanced
Actors Residency 2019 and continuing under Fern Nicholson whilst pursuing professional roles.

Claudia Nathan 2019 Reel from Filmbites on Vimeo.