Age Range: 30-40
Height: 185cm
Accents: German

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Andreas Piechulik – IMDb
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Andreas Piechulik – Showreel

Recently Cast:
Balboa Blvd – FF – Fastbreak Films
Footage – TAFE

Bio: Born in East Germany Andreas realized his passion for acting in High School with performing many lead roles on stage. As a teenager he spent time in the United States of America, before moving to Perth in 2007. He has appeared in several TVC’s, short and feature films. His most recent role is in “Balboa Blvd” as Big Mike. Andreas is currently studying the craft at N.A.S.A. and working with James Hagan for voice and accents.

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Andreas Piechulik Reel 2018 from Filmbites on Vimeo.